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Capital Required £75,000


Franchise Profile

Subject to the successful completion of the required training program the franchisee is granted the licence to operate a bake&TAKE in a geographical territory or site for a period of Ten years which needs to be in line with the length of the lease. 

Franchising Qualifications

We continually seek highly qualified individuals to join the bake&TAKE family as new franchisees. We seek persons who are highly competent, committed individuals with a strong desire to succeed and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and possess a good business acumen, which involves management responsibilities including financial knowledge, profit accountability, personnel supervision and have extensive customer contacts. Previous business experience, firm financial footing and a proven track record of success in their past business endeavours are important factors which will be taken into consideration.

We look for individuals who are willing to put their 100 percent in the daily operations of the business. The individual must be prepared for the the work ethic required to operate a cafe / grab and go food business. We prepare the franchisee for challenges by their participation in an extensive training program.

Only citizens of the UK can qualify for a franchise. The person we are looking for must make his / her own personal financial investment. Overall, we make thorough evaluations of the individual's personality, character, values and unique qualities.

Our franchise system allows owner/operator to realize their dreams of owning and operating their own business while benefiting from the business resources and an on-going support from bake&TAKE.

We also offer a franchise in a territory developmental form, which means that the franchisee can buy / reserve a territory whereby the franchisee guarantees to open an agreed number of stores in that area within an agreed time scale.


The potential franchisee must be able to invest at least £75,000 of their own money. Bake & TAKE deal with all major franchise banks and will help with any loan applications.

It is very important that applicants have the ability to support themselves financially during the early months of the business,


Our training and support programs are a necessity like any other franchising business. Training is top priority at bake & TAKE because the success of the company depends on dedicated, well-trained people and uniform operational standards from store to store.

As a franchisee, you are required to participate in our training and evaluation program which involves hands on work in any assigned bake & TAKE Store, classroom courses, and one-on–one-sessions with key corporate personnel involving lot of self initiated study. The training program typically seeks participation on full-time basis. The length of the training will be largely dependent on the time invested and the consistency of the applicant's performance and perseverance but on average would be three to four weeks.

The main objective of the training is to prepare the applicant to operate his/her bake & TAKE by proper implementation of our system. It is designed to train you in all aspects of operating your future Store and assists you in evaluating your potential as a franchisee.

The bulk of the training will be conducted in our corporate store. The training will continue when your store opens.


Being a bake & TAKE franchisee enables you to have the opportunity to be the owner of a unique and upbeat business, yet receive the advantages of our support structure.

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