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Our brand's famous slogan, "Fenicia, la camicia di fiducia" (Fenicia, the shirt you can trust) is synonymous with quality.

Over the years, our brand has kept pace with the times. Since Giovanni Candido founded CAMICISSIMA in 1931, our shirts have experienced a loyal following because of the founder’s insistence on traditional craftsmanship, the best selection on fabrics and attention to detail. These traits remain the key ingredients of the company even today, after almost 80 years of existence and 100 stores distributed in the best downtown shopping areas.

The company’s objective is to satisfy the most careful and demanding shopper by offering a very wide selection of products that fit the times and satisfy all the consumer’s needs. CAMICISSIMA products stand out because we begin by choosing superior yarns that are used to make the fabrics that are turned into our luxurious shirts. The Camicissima product is a combination of quality, wide selection and competitive pricing.


To maintain the uniformity of the image of all outlets, the franchisor has developed a standard design of furniture adaptable to different situations.

The franchisor will provide the furniture to the Affiliate Camicissima. Depending on the square footage of the store the cost of furnishing may fluctuate between 350 €/sqm and 600 €/sqm.


The aim is to make customers feel at ease in surroundings that are bright and simple, while still smart and tasteful. The large glass entrance, with its white wooden doors and full-length blinds, seeks to mimic home decor, with the shop windows looking into that home.

The company has a selection consisting of more than 5,000 shirts in all sizes (from 37 to 50) in continuous assortments weekly. The primary target for which they are intended is male, with a good percentage of women who buy for man. Camicissima products are designed for class, exigent and quality conscious as well as price sensitive Italian style customers.

There are numerous support activities in favor of the affiliate:

1. Opportunity to daily replenish their stock according to your needs, see real-time sales statistics and check the availability of stock, thanks to an excellent computer system.

2. Help and support in the selection of points of sale in strategic locations: city center, pedestrian or high traffic zones, inside of the most frequented shopping centers with an optimal surface for the sale of 70/80 sqm.

3. Preparation and training in a “school store”, with a start-up period to get to know the full range of products and sales management.

4. Store opening assistance by assigning a corporate team that will follow the affiliate for the first days.

5. Constant monitoring of the franchisee by area managers and information systems.

6. 24/7 Telephone Help-desk for affiliates during store opening.

We are looking for a regional master franchisor as well as several franchisees to develop strategic retail locations in the city center, pedestrian zones and/or high traffic areas.

Feb 10, 2017

Fabio Candido - President of Camicissima

FranchiseExpo: Tell us a little about Camicissima. Fabio Candido: The concept Camicissima was founded in 2004 with the opening of the first store, which marks the beginning of a very successful...
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