Smiley Booth

Initial Franchise Fee£14,995
Capital Required £1,000 ~ £15,000
Number of units 20
Investment Level £10,001 ~ £25,000
Franchising Since2012
Royalty Fee£250 per month

Where it Began

In 2008 Lee and Kate Johnson first stumbled across the photo booth concept at a family wedding in America. Sceptical at first the couple discovered the photo booth to be a huge hit with all the guests and they returned to the UK with fistfuls of photos of family and friends. Back home they looked to see if a similar service was available and in drawing a blank they sensed a gap in the market.

It had taken some time to develop a product that was suitable, as the technology simply didn't exist. As with any new product or service the initial challenge was to educate the market place but once the concept was understood it quickly became very popular. An entire industry has grown around this concept from props, technology, spin off product and of course many small businesses.  Kate even discovered a photo booth Barbie product which she bought for her 6 year old daughter this Christmas! Lee and Kate are extremely proud to have been at the start of the photo booth phenomenon.

Smiley Booth now has the advantage of the most sophisticated and advanced systems and tools in the photo booth industry.

Year on Year Success

Smiley Booth was initially intended to be a part-time business. An opportunity to earn a little extra in addition to day jobs. It soon became apparent that Smiley Booth had a life of its own and ambitions to be a much bigger business.

In the first 3 years our turnover increased by an incredible 800%!


Smiley Booth began building a reputation for growth and quality. Recognition from UK business leaders such as Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis as well as business awards and national press coverage in the Telegraph thanks to Virgin. Alongside this, companies such as Disney, Adidas and Amazon began requesting a Smiley Booth for their product launches and events, even being featured on a TV show with Channel 4. The largest marketing agencies on the planet, such as Saatchi and Saatchi began looking at new ways to incorporate a Smiley Booth into their marketing.

Why Smiley Booth?

The UK events industry is worth an estimated £40 Billion! The UK events industry is worth an estimated £40 Billion!

There are over 250,000 weddings annually in England alone. Add to this corporate parties, birthdays, proms, other celebrations and events, and that equals a huge potential for your photo booth business.

The photo booth industry is niche, young and exciting. In the last 4 years it has seen massive growth and is fast becoming a staple in the events industry.

A photo booth business is fun and flexible. You get to be involved in important events, its sociable and rewarding - you'll never tire of people telling you how much they love your service!

Most events are evening and weekends leaving the daytime to focus on marketing and building you business. We've found the flexible nature of the business appeals to many different types of people, especially those wishing to start a business while still in full-time employment or those with family commitments.

Whilst Smiley Booth has had to overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges in a highly competitive sector, we have created a strong business model that works. Having tackled all obstacles and built up a strong support network and business infrastructure, we have become the largest and most experienced photo booth provider in the UK.

We've worked with many leading brands, celebrities, national events and have won several awards for our service. With our support network you are guaranteed a successful business.

What you get?

  • A Large Territory
  • Photo Booth Technology
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Training and Support
  • Growth Strategy

In addition to these benefits, you'll receive on-going support to provide you with the tools you need to grow a thriving business. These key areas will help you with cash management, recruitment, logistics, marketing and customer service. You'll receive 24/7 technical support for the photo booths and equipment, a personal growth advisor that will contact you weekly to ensure you hit your goals, an online portal with tips, techniques and tutorials, online groups in which franchisees help and support each-other, and regular meetings.

8 reasons why now is the time to buy a Smiley Booth franchise?

1) Photo booths are still gaining in popularity. Now it's not just about wedding and parties, but the marketing services for corporate events and brand awareness, which is a huge burgeoning market.

2) Smiley Booth has only 10 spaces left for new franchises to join the UK team!

3) Our flagship franchise territory delivered over 400 events in 12 months.

4) The events sector is booming, with over 2.5 million events taking place in the UK last year.

5) Proven return on your investment in just a matter of months.

6) No other photo booth franchise comes close to the level of support provided by Smiley Booth.

7) Unique marketing service that gurantees leads in your area from the get go.

8) Join a brand name associated with quality and experience.


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