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Feb 10, 2017

Laurence Fitch was the general manager of a family company importing ceramic tiles throughout the South East. He left early in 2008 due to the downturn in the economic climate. His wife, Ruth, had spent the last 10 years working for an international investment bank in the City. She had the opportunity to take redundancy from the bank in August 2008.

Laurence recalls: “Both Ruth and I knew that we wanted to run our own business but could not decide what we wanted to do. We felt that franchising gave us the ideal balance of choosing our own business with the support of an established organisation. I visited the British and International Franchise Exhibition at Olympia while Ruth was abroad and found that having a full range of franchises under one roof was extremely beneficial. I came across Auditel and was immediately impressed with their business model and how well it suited the current economic situation. Having spent several months researching, we joined their network in September 2008.”

Ruth adds:” I do not recall experiencing a recruitment ‘process’ with Auditel. My experience was a two-way, open exploration of the business opportunity -open, honest, professional and caring. The values, principles and culture of the organisation were strongly evident. I felt confident that the decision was mine and it was the right path for us.”

They both agreed that the training was outstanding, quickly allowing them to develop their skills so that they could push their business forward. Laurence comments:”The benefits we have received from having the support of our mentors and the Auditel network of over 200 consultants has been outstanding – even the most obscure problem we have faced has been explained quickly by somebody who has experienced something similar!”

Laurence and Ruth have become well established within the marketplace of cost management. They have succeeded in growing a comprehensive client base, many of whom offer glowing testimonials. Their growing reputation, both in the business community and the Auditel network has been fully recognised. Laurence and Ruth were the ‘Rising Stars of the Year’ in 2009 and ‘Franchise of the Year’ in 2010. Ruth has become a member of the Auditel Franchise Advisory Council and Laurence, a Regional Principal for the NW London Group.

Franchising has evidently been very good for Laurence and Ruth. They declare: “This end result is from one of the best business decisions of our lives!”

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