The Auditel Business Model Proves Itself


Feb 10, 2017

Ali Ghani is one of the newest entrepreneurs to join the Auditel franchise network. Formerly a business development specialist for a range of media organisations, Ali Ghani worked with a variety of diverse clients across different sectors, including Medical, Media, PR, e-Business, Advertising and Recruitment. And yet, his dream was to own his own business - so he began to investigate the opportunities within franchising. After researching the cost control and management sector, he opted for Auditel, the fastest-growing and most popular franchise of Cost, Purchases & Supplier Management services in the UK & Ireland.

Ali explained his decision, saying that Auditel's operational model was robust, clearly successful and evidentially lucrative. He pointed to their track record and long operating history, with full membership of BFA and a great financial performance. The network of 200+ affiliates and advanced software tools was also a strong attraction.

The decision-maker for Ali however, was actually the culture and values of Auditel as an organisation. He explained that Auditel never pressured him to make a decision to invest with them, and respected the size and importance of his own decision making process. They even encouraged him to carry out in-depth and full research across the other options within the franchise market, and fully assess the competition before making a choice. At every stage within the process - from the initial trade exhibition, to the subsequent prospect calls, emails and other contacts, Ai felt that every member of staff within Auditel treated him with consideration and respect. In fact, their professional attitude was one of the main reasons he invested and became a franchisee in the company.

When asked about the training provision, Ali was enthusiastic, describing the first week as 'exceptional', with inspiring, comprehensive training which provided an excellent basis for future client meetings and business development.

Ali added too that his background in business development and client account management had given him a heads-up on taking consultative approaches to business. He knows intuitively to identify client needs clearly and seek to fulfill them in the best possible way. Now as a franchisee in Auditel's business, he is able to leverage his skills in negotiation, communication and business analysis to provide his clients with a quality cost management service. Ali knows by using these skills and adopting a holistic business approach, he provides genuine value, and provides a service that allows his clients to focus on what they do best - running their own businesses.

The Franchise Development Director at Auditel, Edward Brewer, said that Ali was one of 200+ franchisees who had brought a vast breadth of experience and skills into the franchise's network from a range of backgrounds and professions. He explained that the company was actively welcoming enquiries from management professionals seeking their next challenge, and interested in the opportunity of running their own cost management business under the successful Auditel brand. The company runs a number of FreeDiscovery seminars to allow potential investors and budding entrepreneurs to meet the Auditel team and find out more.

Comment from FranchiseExpo: This article shows clearly, the opportunities that are on offer to a wide range of management professionals seeking to own and run their own business. The Auditel business is just one of the many successful franchises that attract entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds, and offer them sustainable and successful business opportunities to grow and own.

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