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Feb 10, 2017

This year, Auditel celebrated its twentieth birthday. At its National Conference on Friday 28th November, Managing Director Chris Allison addressed the 180 delegates and presented awards to the outstanding franchisees of 2014. He reminded his audience, that over the last 20 years, Auditel has supported thousands of clients, from household brands, through to smaller and medium sized organisations. Across the public, private and not for profit sectors and in virtually every industry sector, Auditelconsultants have offered cost management solutions, which have led to savings of hundreds of millions of pounds.

During this time, Auditel has transformed itself. It began as a licenced Utility Bill Auditor, with a handful of licensees and became a fully franchised model with over 200 highly-skilled cost management specialists, in the UK and Ireland. The company has been a Full Member of the British Franchise Association since 1997. The original offering was in the deregulated services of telecommunications, electricity, gas and water. In the intervening years, additional services have been undertaken and now include over 100 business costs areas.

The success of Auditel’s strategic cost management depends on the continuous development of its business systems and analytical tools. It provides and maintains sustainable profit improvement for their clients. Their Business and Financial Health Check is available for any organisation wanting to ensure that their ship is watertight. Neil Ralph, Managing Partner of Rouse, the award-winning accountants, says: “It’s much more cost effective to engage external experts than for us to employ someone. In short, we view Auditel as part of the team.” 

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s UK and Ireland Network Development Director explains: “Our Cost Management Franchise is a white collar opportunity for senior management and above. The business model is scalable allowing the flexibility to build the business you want. Our franchisees can work as individuals, couples, practices, partnerships or in joint ventures across the UK and Ireland. You can be based in your home or office. Our high calibre network of consultants is drawn from senior management teams and boardrooms across the UK and Ireland.

“No matter which type of business you choose, our award-winning training programmes and Client Acquisition Programme will ensure that you can hit the ground running. Our ongoing mentoring and personal development programmes will enable you stay on course. By investing in an Auditel cost management franchise, you will also be encouraged to put your existing skills and experience to good use.”

Most franchisees renew their agreements after 5, 10 and 15 years due to consistently achieving their financial goals and the quality of life they want for themselves and their families.

A look to the future Chris Allison adds “There is a huge untapped market for Auditel cost management consultants and the potential for outstanding earnings and return on investment. Recent research indicates that strategic cost management, for so long the elephant in the boardroom, is now on the agenda of 8 out of 10 large and medium-sized organisations across the country.
“This is not simply because they want to cut costs. History proves that cost reduction exercises based on short-term goals, usually don’t work. Strategic cost management is such a hot topic and growing in importance because senior managers have come to realise that, carried out by experts, it can accelerate performance, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. Auditel’s sales have grown by over 70% in the last five years.

“By 2020, we plan to strengthen our position as leaders in our field, to build our network to 400 consultants, balance financial success with work life stability and become even more indispensable to our clients’ success. We are well placed to succeed with the backing of over 50 head office staff, outsourced experts, mentors and business developers.”
Matt Sidwell says: “One of our franchisees, who recently renewed his agreement, said ‘The opportunities that have presented themselves are nothing short of astounding. The potential to develop and grow the business are limitless!’

“Our free Discovery Seminars provide an ideal opportunity to meet our team, without any pressure, and learn more about franchising and Auditel. We will be delighted to meet you!”

Winners of Auditel Awards 2014
  • Franchisee of the Year UK – Stephen Sowerby
  • Franchisee of the Year Ireland – Declan QuinnRising Star – David Kendall
  • Team Builder of the Year 1 – Jane CampbellTeam Builder of the Year 2 – Paul Millican
  • Consultant’s Consultant – Alan Ford
  • Life Time Achievement Award – David Lowe

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