Gerald and Maria Roper – Ableworld


Feb 10, 2017

Increasingly businesses are seeing the value of actively participating in local communities. For one of Ableworld’s latest franchisees, Gerald and Maria Roper, the ethical principles underpinning Ableworld were a huge draw. The couple both previously taught for over 20 years and bought their appetite for local community involvement to their new store.

Gerald coaches a local rugby team and is a great believer that community spirit will help to build a great reputation with customers. Maria shares the same passion for helping the community and has been a treasurer for her local SVP branch, a charity which aims to tackle poverty. Since their store opening the couple have been going from strength to strength, exceeding their first month’s target. The couple have been “very busy so far” and “people have been saying that they are very impressed with the size of the range of products. We had a lot of training over the summer and so it’s now a case of putting that into action.”

Paul Boniface, Franchise Director for Ableworld commented; “It’s easy to see why Ableworld was the right franchise for Gerald and Maria. The mobility and homecare industry has traditionally not always had the best reputation, but with the right people and right values the industry is turning a corner. A local store, staffed by local people is often the place to go for the best service and that is certainly the case here. We wish Gerald and Maria all the best for the future.”