Sean Bingham - Expense Reduction Franchisee


Feb 10, 2017

“Joining Expense Reduction Analysts with a specialist industry background enabled me to hit the ground running”

“The way I joined Expense Reduction Analysts was different to most,” says Sean Bingham, Principal Consultant at ERA Fleet Cost Management Ltd. “I had known of the organisation in my previous life in banking. Indeed, ERA Franchise Partners had introduced business to me when I was head of Vehicle Finance at Bank of Scotland.”

“But, after 26 years in the sector, I could see that the waters were getting choppy. By chance, I called my contact at ERA to discuss the situation and my ideas for my next career move. He said that the timing was ‘weird,’ since he had just been talking with Rob Allison, Managing Director at Expense Reduction Analysts, about the fact that the network desperately needed a Fleet Specialist.

“I naturally explored this opportunity, had discussions, did the due diligence, but really it seemed like a viable proposition from day one. To be honest, I didn’t look further than Expense Reduction Analysts.”

It is the specialists’ ability to think outside the box that delivers the real value for the client

Sean set up ERA Fleet Cost Management Ltd. There was a great demand for Fleet expertise that he immediately found himself pulled into project work even before he had finished his training.

“Fleet is different from other categories,” he says. “The clients tend to be larger – so that they have a big enough fleet to make our services worthwhile – and the period of engagement is usually 3 to 4 years, so that we can see the client through a full recycling of their fleet. Therefore we target companies with a minimum of £500,000 annual spend in this area.

“We have been successful in sharing our expertise to the network of Franchise Partners and we now have three consultants in the team at ERA Fleet Cost Management Ltd..”

As in many categories, it is the specialists’ ability to think outside the box – to go beyond marginal like-for-like savings – that delivers the real value for the client.

A huge six-figure saving on Fleet

“With all of our clients we always start with a like-for-like comparison, but we then go on to look at the expenditure holistically. In one client’s case, they were doing things like spot hiring for a fixed weekly price, which gave them complete flexibility to chop and change, without incurring penalties, but they had to take the cars that they were given.

“We recommended that they change to contract hire, which tied them in more (although we did negotiate break clauses), but delivered significant savings and changed this expenditure to a VAT-efficient acquisition. We made other changes too, such as moving them over to more fuel-efficient vehicles. These changes have resulted in six figure savings, which the client is delighted with.”

“All in all, my experience in working in the Expense Reduction Analysts network has borne out the optimism I had at the start. It certainly helped that I came in with an already well-developed niche that was in demand. But we have worked hard, and it has resulted in win-win-win situations for us, for the other consultants and for our clients.”

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