5 Reasons why the electronic cigarettes market is exploding


Feb 10, 2017

A decade after the invention of the first e-cigarette this revolutionary technology has conquered over 12 million vapers in Europe, within an estimated total of more than 140 million smokers. 

The growth is impressive by itself, but when it comes to vaping it’s important to focus on the future. The experts say that the number of tobacco smokers and the number of vapers will reverse completely over the next ten years. Great Britain alone currently has more than 2.1 million vapers, a number that is also set to increase over the next few years. This means a whole new market bursting with exciting business opportunities is rising. But why are electronic cigarettes such a huge success? There are five reasons that explain the explosive growth of the vaping market.

1.    Price

Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional Cigarettes, so buyers tend to buy more without worrying about the price. In 2014 the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the UK was £7.98. Imagine you smoke 12 cigarettes per day (average number provided by the latest NHS report issued on January 2015). In a year you will have spent around £1,750. Now imagine you are a vaper: in a year you will spend £470. This value includes the initial kit, e-liquid (average of 30 ml every two weeks), spare coils and spare batteries. This represents a yearly saving of £1,280!

2.    Safety

According to the London Fire Brigade, smoking is responsible for an average of three fires a day in the city. Also, half of accidental fire deaths are related to the careless disposal of traditional cigarettes. Vapers don’t have to worry about this because electronic cigarettes are flameless, reducing the risk of a fire or painful burns.

3.    Health

The health consequences of smoking tobacco are well known. According to the NHS, “smoking is the primary cause of preventable illness and premature death, accounting for approximately 100,000 deaths a year in the United Kingdom.” On the other side, many thousands of smokers that become vapers have reported feeling better physically after switching to e-cigs.

4. Smell

Everyone is aware that traditional cigarettes smell awfully bad because of their composition. Their “recipe” includes tar and many other chemicals. On the contrary, electronic cigarettes don’t smell like the traditional ones. Far from it! You can barely notice the smell when someone is smoking an e-cig. When vapers use their electronic devices, they are simply exhaling harmless vapour that vanishes almost immediately. 

5. Good reputation and positive feedback

Gone are the days when cigarettes were a social status symbol. Smoking has earned a bad reputation over the last two decades and thefour previous points explain why this has happened. Vaping is now considered a cheaper, safer, healthier and cleaner option.