Feb 10, 2017

In our experience, one of the largest sources of property damage insurance claims during freezing weather is 'escape of water' which, in layman's terms, means burst pipes. Now, this doesn't sound like a massive job - unless it's something that you've experienced personally - however, a 'leaky pipe' can be just the tip of the iceberg.

We have found that an escape of water can lead to all kinds of devastation within a home or business, up to and including structural integrity - which as you can imagine is a big job!

Below is a customer's testimonial following a burst pipe incident:

Following a burst pipe and subsequent flood at his home, Stephen called Aspray and found the support to be fantastic.


Stephen says ''The water damaged three rooms and we didn't know how to turn it off at first.A friend recommended we call Aspray and (the Franchise) was just fantastic. Basically he project managed all of the repairs. He dealt with our insurance company and their assessors, sourced all of the tradesmen (who were also brilliant !) and ensured a thorough job was completed so our house was as good as new.''

Aspray franchisees help policyholders deal with property damage insurance claims from inception to completion, which means that helping them with a 'simple' job, such as a burst pipe, can be extremely beneficial to the franchisee as it often leads to a much larger job than expected.

Have you got what it takes to become an Aspray franchisee and help policyholders in their time of need?

If you are interested in learning more about the Aspray franchise opportunity we hold regular discovery seminars across the UK. This event gives you the chance to meet with the directors and find out if the Aspray franchise is for you.

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