A day in the life of a no+vello franchise owner


Feb 10, 2017

Running your very own no+vello clinic can be an exhilarating and rewarding journey – but it’s good to know exactly what you can expect from the experience. Here, Lydia Hess and Sophie Smith, owners of the no+vello Hove clinic, share the routines, joys and challenges that make running a no+vello franchise so special.

“Our clinic is open 10am to 7pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. We’re closed on Sunday and Monday, so we get a bit of a delayed weekend! We always arrive before 9:30 to prepare the equipment in the treatment cabin, answer any emails, and make sure everything is ready to open at 10am sharp.

When our doors open we need to be available to greet clients and make them feel comfortable, explaining the different treatments and techniques, as well as the aftercare treatments that help them get the most out of the sessions. After closing it’s a quick tidy up to make sure the equipment is clean and put away for the night, then home. Sometimes we might spend some time bringing the books up to date, having a strategy session to plan marketing activities or checking stock levels. With the clinic being so busy, you don’t often get a break in the day to do these things!

You also have to make time in the calendar to raise awareness of your clinic if you want to grow your business – be it breakfast networking sessions; attending beauty and fashion fairs; dropping in on other local businesses where there might be an opportunity for referrals; or handing out leaflets on the high street.

We’re lucky enough to be working as a partnership, so it means we can cover our days off to ensure coverage in the clinic – and it helps to have a supportive family who are happy to cover reception in an emergency!

It probably all sounds like a lot of hard work – and it is. But you get invaluable support from head office, and we both gain so much satisfaction from dealing with clients and providing a service that they value.

We would certainly recommend a no+vello business to anyone who is willing to put in the hours. The rewards are worth it.”