A Fresh Start for IFG in 2013


Feb 10, 2017

As we move through January and the start of a brand new year, most of us are considering what changes to make for 2013. For many, these considerations centre on changes to their working and professional life and the franchise industry is looking increasingly attractive to many as a viable and supported route towards successful self-employment within an existing brand network.

With this in mind, IFG, the Interface Financial Group, is offering potential entrepreneurs business advice on making the successful transition to franchise investment in 2013.

The brand is a fascinating one, growing from its first single transaction back in 1972 to a world-class and certified global franchised organisation today. The group entered the UK in 2010 and offers a range of finance products and solutions to varied businesses of all sizes. It provides working capital to small businesses via a unique and direct 'spot factoring' service and has over 150 existing franchised locations. Today it is the leading source of alternative business finance for small business owners and its success has been recognised by the Franchise Research Institute, which has awarded the brand its World-Class Franchise certification for the last seven years.

The firm does business via the franchise model and it is keen to encourage potential entrepreneurs to seriously consider franchising as an attractive route to self-employment, rather than risking it all on going alone.

IFG's President, David Banfield, said that the group was aware of just how many people are keen to become the boss of their own business, but lack the support and information to make that dream into a reality. As research shows, investing in an existing successful franchising offers fewer risks than setting up an independent business. Franchisees benefit from the best of both worlds: security and support from being part of a bigger organisation and the flexibility and freedom which comes from running their own business.

Franchising is also highly flexible and franchisees can choose to take on as little or as much work as they feel comfortable with. This offers great flexibility for those with different preferences and existing commitments and it appeals to people in all stages of their career development.

As David explains, the franchising model is ideal for many different kinds of people. IFG has taken on new franchisees who came to the industry after experiencing redundancy, who wished to ease into retirement with a part-time business or who wanted to entirely change their lives and professional roles. The group's franchisees come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Those who are most successful tend to display similar characteristics, however great decision making, excellent relationships with customers, good problem-solving skills and a naturally entrepreneurial outlook.

IFG, as with many modern franchises, relies on repeat business to keep developing their sales and the group regularly carries out surveys to evaluate the customer experience and encourage ideas and suggestions for improvement. IFG will shortly be holding an information webinar for anyone keen to learn more about the benefits of the franchise industry and will also provide further details about IFG's unique service for invoice discounting.