Become a powerful influence on your local community with Daily PRSS


Feb 10, 2017

Daily PRSS is an exciting new franchise opportunity looking for individuals who want to join their growing network of hyper-local news and events sites that serve communities across the UK. Daily PRSS is revolutionising how residents and businesses connect with their local area.
This is a chance to act as a ‘local editor’ and trusted source of information for your neighbourhood. By curating and sharing the latest content from local publishers alongside your own blogposts, you'll expand your influence, generate revenue and make a real difference.
Daily PRSS started life in Tooting, South West London, where Tooting Daily PRSS has quickly established itself as the go-to news source within the community and the destination for all the latest, breaking news in Tooting, whether it’s a new restaurant opening, live reports from events or helping to raise awareness for community initiatives. Through its dynamic news site and associated social media pages, Tooting Daily PRSS keeps its huge local following (including the Mayor of London and former Tooting MP, Sadiq Khan!) right up-to-date with all the latest Tooting news and events, 24/7.
Daily PRSS is on its way to becoming the most comprehensive and trusted source of information for local
communities across the UK – a place where all the voices in each neighbourhood can be heard.
So if you think you have what it takes to become a powerful influence on your local community and want to make a real difference whilst generating income at the same time, email to find out more!