Business Doctor Helps Orphans in Uganda


Feb 10, 2017

Business Doctors recently provided well-needed funds to purchase 100 mosquito nets for orphans in Uganda after being introduced to the charity Uganda Learn 4 Life by John Redfern, one of the latest members to join Business Doctors.

The charity has been a passion of John’s for a number of years and this year John made his fifth visit to Uganda to enable him to continue to review the improvements and positive impact this charity is having on the children.

The charity recently provided a school to extend education to older children. “In Uganda children are only educated up to the age of 12 and that’s the lucky ones. Our charity purchased a school so that we could educate the children from 12 to 16.” says John.

Taking three weeks out from his busy schedule at Business Doctors, John’s was kept fully occupied as he spent his time working in an infant school orphanage, helping a woman suffering from HIV and AIDS, visiting prisoners and sponsoring a business seminar.