Oct 17, 2017


Cambridge-based businessman, Marshal Konzvo, who recently launched his new Match Options Healthcare Recruitment business, is determined to try and do his bit to ease the skills shortage which is currently threatening the NHS.

The demand for qualified doctors and nurses has never been so high, both in the NHS and private care sector. Add to this the dramatic increase in the ageing population and the huge strain this is placing across the board on the UK health sector, and it is simple to see why Marshal Konzvo thought it was the perfect time to get into healthcare recruitment - as healthcare organisations need help!

Marshal, who is 37, started his Cambridge Match Options franchise in January 2017, and so far he says things are going better than expected. Previously Marshal had worked in the IT sector for 12 years, where he managed to save enough money to finance his new business venture himself.

He explains: “It just felt like the right time to get involved in this sector, I had an idea I wanted to move into recruitment, but when I started to do my research into healthcare placements it started to really stand out. There basically has never been more demand for qualified healthcare practitioners, whether that's doctors, nurses and in particular care staff. Organisations simply can’t find enough quality staff, so they need help and this is where we come in.

“I put in a lot of research before I bought my franchise, and Match Options instantly appealed. It was also at the start of its franchising journey, so I thought I would be able to grow alongside them. Their hunger and desire to make this work stood out a mile, and all the directors have been very accessible and helpful. I chose a franchise as it is obviously less risk and a lot of the groundwork has already been done for you, so you have far less headaches than going it alone. Franchising is a system that is proved to work.

“So far things are going very well, even better than I expected. The training went well and the support I receive is fantastic, the directors definitely really know their stuff and I can call on this knowledge whenever I need it. Its just me working full time in the office, although I do have two part time staff as well (my wife and my cousin). There has been ups and downs like there is with any new business, and its been a lot of hard work, but as I said previously so far its going very well.”

Match Options is a recruitment agency providing healthcare staff on a temporary and permanent basis. It not only places doctors and nurses but healthcare assistants, care support workers, and domiciliary care workers. It also places health workers in organisations such as schools and prisons, meaning the market potential is huge.

Match Options has been successfully operating in the care sector since 1999 providing high quality services to the local communities it works in; there are currently seven company-owned branches and four franchisees throughout the UK. With the huge market potential on offer the company is now seeking additional franchisees who are committed and passionate about growing the business throughout the UK.

Michael Celestine, Operations director, Match Options explains: “There has never been a better time to consider starting a healthcare recruitment business. There is an acute shortage of qualified health staff across the board in the UK, so organisations need help finding quality staff. The care sector is also one of the fastest growing markets in the UK, and this trend can only continue. There will be an extra five million people over 65 in the next 20 years. This is huge challenge whether they are being cared for at home or in a hospital or care home environment.”

He added: “Potential franchisees do not need healthcare recruitment experience, but they must possess excellent people skills as communication is a key part of the job. Interested parties must also be adept at business development as reaching out to professionals and contacts in the local community will be key. Franchisees will receive full training and support, including five days classroom training, sales and marketing support, systems and IT training as well as mentoring in recruitment and interviewing techniques. Accounts and financial management training, as well as back office support, are also part of the franchise package.”