Can LAR hit 50 franchisees by year end 2016?


Feb 10, 2017

Incredible Growth

Not too many franchisors are brave enough to publicly announce a steep hike target from 35 franchisees to 50 by year end… well certainly not by announcing it into the back end of September.

In 2016 LAR have already recruited circa 20 franchisees from 15 at end of 2015 to 35 as we type, so why not set the bar high and try to raise the bat for a well-earned half century for Christmas cheer?!


Why would anyone be so confident, perhaps bordering on delusional?

For these reasons:

·         LAR is proving rapid sales in a high growth, under serviced sector.

·         The current 12 months, UK book value has increased from £1M to £5M.

·         2016 franchise sales have already doubled 2015 sales, which also respectively doubled 2014 franchise sales.

·         Current deposits on territories takes LAR to 40+ as of mid-September.

·         Some existing franchisees are currently buying more territory.

·         The numbers all round are extremely promising and attractive to many for good reason.

What are you waiting for?  Territories are moving fast.  LAR want more franchisees.  LAR want partners who possess the right skill sets to drive a great local business and help those around you within your local community.

Are you looking for growth?