Caremark (Barnsley)’s Complex Needs Service takes off


Feb 10, 2017

With the need for quality home care continuing to grow, so does the requirement for more specialized care supporting children, young people and adults living with complex health needs.

North West home care provider, Caremark (Barnsley) recognised this need and further developed their dedicated service by supporting adults, young people and children with complex health needs.

Andrew Peace, Caremark (Barnsley)’s  Director said: “Our Complex Needs Service has grown and developed tremendously over the last 6 months.

“We invested further earlier this year, appointing a Complex Needs Manager to bring additional focus, enabling the service to evolve.”

This specific service supports people to live at home and access their community, giving them control over their daily lives, promoting dignity and self-esteem and helping them to live as normal life as possible.  The focus is on what a person can do, rather than on their condition or disability.

Peace continued: “We have adopted an “anything’s possible” attitude, working with individuals and their families, support networks and health professionals to truly understand that person’s capabilities and aspirations.  If it makes a difference to an individual’s life, it’s safe and enables them to enjoy independence, we will work tirelessly to make it happen.”

Staff undergo specific training aligned to the client’s condition and how they present.  This ensures they understand the person, their needs and how care workers can best enable them to live safely in familiar surroundings.

Their specialized service has meant that people with complex health needs have been able to come home from nursing and residential facilities and with appropriate support, enjoy living at home; it has enabled children to attend main stream nursery, young people to attend college and various leisure activities, provide respite care for family carers, supported young adults to engage in hobbies, and many more areas besides.

Caremark (Barnsley)’s  home care supports a broad range of needs, from Autism through to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  Their specialized service is gaining an excellent reputation and (Barnsley) continue to invest in training and service development to ensure they continue to make a difference to peoples’ lives.

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