Caremark supports Dementia Awareness Week with outing to specialized film show


Feb 10, 2017

‘Relaxed film screenings’ are a great idea for those with dementia or learning disabilities as they offer a more relaxed environment for viewing, where standard cinemas can present more challenges with loud adverts and lighting which some find distressing.  Viewers can get up and walk around if they wish, or sing along if they want to and no one is going to mind.

Caremark (West Oxon & Cherwell) provide personalised care and support for a number of clients with Alzheimer’s or dementia related conditions.  As a move to support awareness for Dementia Awareness Week, they were keen to promote a little theatre in Chipping Norton which offers ‘relaxed film screenings’ of popular films.

This week they took several clients to Chipping Norton see The Sound of Music and aim to take as many as they can to the July screening of West Side Story.

Director of Caremark (West Oxon & Cherwell), Dinah Madelin said: “It offers a wonderful opportunity to take clients who rarely go anywhere, to a pretty, little, old fashioned theatre.  It’s at a good time of day – so no struggling to get out in the evening when tiredness and confusion may be peaking. The films are always something well known to the older generation so people with dementia tend to know the film and can sing along if they want to.  Alternatively, if they fall asleep or want to walk around, no one will complain. The journey home afterwards is delightful – lots of singing, or la-la-la-ing and so much to talk about. We all come away happy!”

Accompanying clients to social activities and supporting them to maintain hobbies is just one aspect of the bespoke support Caremark (West Oxon & Cherwell) offer their clients.  Care is delivered to a broad range of people of all ages and abilities, empowering them to live more independent lives with more choice and control over their daily living.

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