Certified organic coffee specialities in two more regions


Feb 10, 2017

Osnabrück, 06.06.2016

It all started with a visit of the residence market in Weilburg, Central Germany: This is where Kerstin Löber saw a Coffee-Bike for the very first time. She was immediately delighted by its nostalgic charm and delicious coffee specialities. Since then the thought of bringing this concept into her region as well, never released her. 

Back in her home-town, Herborn, Western Germany, Kerstin dealt in detail with this franchise concept. Promptly she was certain that the Coffee-Bike franchise would be the perfect opportunity to step in the coffee industry: “For many years I had the desire to own a café and I realized that Coffee-Bike is even more than I have wished for: A mobile and self-sustained coffee shop, which combines coffee culture with mobility. This well thought out concept made my dream come true.” 

Kerstins’ area of operation covers several towns in Western Germany. She will be mainly catering private and corporate events in Herborn and its surroundings. 

Furthermore an additional Coffee-Bike newcomer has started its operations. Michael Maszotta will be supplying the inhabitants of Frankfurt on the Main, Western Germany, with certified organic coffee classics and specialities. 

About Coffee-Bike:
The young start-up company from Osnabrück, Western Germany, was honoured several times for their innovative mobile coffee-shop business model and successfully established the Coffee-Bike in numerous European countries.