Coffee-Bike: First UK franchisee started in Trowbridge


Feb 10, 2017

Tomasz Podpora was keen on becoming self-employed for quite some time. The mobile concept of Coffee-Bike attracted his attention while doing research on various franchise systems. 

It mostly appealed to him that he would be operating a business which has already proven successful in other countries: “I was impressed by how rapidly the Coffee-Bike franchise system has been growing in Germany and other international markets during the last five years. I am proud to be part of the system at such an early stage in the UK market. This advantage helped me to secure the hot spots in my home area.”
He is convinced that the citizens of Wiltshire and all over the UK will very much like the idea of buying high-quality coffee specialities from the nostalgic designed Coffee-Bike. 

Tomasz’ start in Trowbridge is also a great happening at the Coffee-Bike headquarters in Osnabrück, Germany: “By now we have more than 120 franchisees operating Coffee-Bikes in 13 countries all around the world. Now we are eager to capture the UK market as well. We are looking forward to several new UK starters in the next couple of months. Moreover, we are delighted about Tomasz starting now in Trowbridge as the first of many UK franchisees”, says Tobias Zimmer, CEO of Coffee-Bike. 

During the week Tomasz Podpora and his Coffee-Bike can be found in Trowbridge in front of ‘The Shires Gallery’. Additionally he will be catering markets and festivals within the Wiltshire and Avon area at weekends. 

About Coffee-Bike:
The young start-up company from Osnabrück, Western Germany, was honoured several times for their innovative mobile coffee-shop business model and successfully established the Coffee-Bike in numerous European countries. 

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