Coffee-Bike conquered the capital!


Feb 10, 2017

Back in 2012, the first Coffee-Bike started providing Berlin with special coffee treats. Aileen Hammer was so enthusiastic about the international franchise concept that she wanted to join in. She has been working full-time at the Coffee-Bike for 2,5 years now, she couldn´t imagine her professional life without it.

She has discovered the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Berlin for herself, where she can benefit from the high number of visitors and special events organised by the Shopping Centre. To add, Mrs. Hammer gets into contact with many kinds of people, as there are so many different people visiting the Shopping Centre, from Germany as well as from abroad. So it never gets boring! That´s also the case because the Coffee-Bike gives every Partner the opportunity to bring their own creativity and spirit into their work. Mrs. Hammer for example organizes small events out of her own initiative, for example Halloween or Oktoberfest events. In this way the Coffee-Bike attracts even more attention, the Barista has even more fun at work and it keeps the tricycle interesting, even for the regular customers. Moreover, specials like “Hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows” and exotic drinks like the “Chai Latte” offer a great alternative to the coffee classics such as the Cappuccino.

Aileen Hammer also talks about her great customer relationships that have developed over time. People who regularly shop at the Outlet also visit the self-sufficient coffee bar every time. This is possible because Mrs. Hammer, like all other Franchise Partners, knows that a good service is crucial to sustaining customer loyalty and creating positive word-of-mouth. She also found the ideal strategy for her, which is to concentrate on a few drinks and regularly changing coffee specials, but to offer the highest quality for those selected drinks.


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