Coffee-Bike Ingolstadt: Record sales from the first day


Feb 10, 2017

Osnabrück, 27.06.2016 

Since the beginning of May 2016 high-quality coffee specialities from the Coffee-Bike are also available in Ingolstadt, Southern Germany, and its surroundings. Daniel Hame has started his operations with two bikes at once. 

With the assistance of the Coffee-Bike headquarters he was able to secure a fixed location in Ingolstadt Village, a popular Designer Outlet. One bike will be constantly situated at this location. On special occasions and very popular days even both bikes are in use at this Designer Outlet. 

Daniel is delighted about the first one and a half month of operations: “The customers’ feedback has been downright positive from the start. Our customers praise the delicious coffee and all in all the start has passed off phenomenally.”

Daniel, who has been self-employed as an engineer for years, felt confident about the cooperation with Coffee-Bike right from the beginning: “For me as a newbie in the food sector industry it is the ideal opportunity to prosper with a low risk and a strong partner backing me up. With Coffee-Bike I can be successful in a growing industry while I benefit from a proven concept and as you can see, it pays off.” 

His second Coffee-Bike will be mainly operating at private and corporate caterings and events in Ingolstadt and its surroundings. 

About Coffee-Bike:
The young start-up company from Osnabrück, Western Germany, was honoured several times for their innovative mobile coffee-shop business model and successfully established the Coffee-Bike in numerous European countries. 

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