Continuous Professional Development at Eazi-Apps


Dec 04, 2018

Press Release

Eazi-Apps are proud to announce their continued commitment to professionally developing their Partners by introducing additional sales training courses within their renowned Online Sales and Training Academy. The modern day entrepreneur needs to be multi-skilled in a variety of areas to ensure they meet the needs of clients who often have very specific requirements.

Continuous Professional Development is an area that differentiates Eazi-Apps Partners from other developers within the mobile app industry as Partners are encouraged to build key skills that enable them to offer a multi-faceted solution to small/medium sized clients around the world.

Having worked in collaboration with one of the world’s leading sales training organisations, Eazi-Apps are excited to offer additional sales training to all Partners. All the courses are cloud hosted and available within the Academy, offering 24/7 access to Partners regardless of where they are based. Some of the areas covered include consultative selling skills, planning interactions and overcoming objections.

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Apps, commented, “We are really excited about introducing additional sales training courses within our Academy for the benefit of our Network. As an organisation, we strive for uniformity across our Network and providing access to training and resources that can benefit our Partners long term. The courses we have designed and released are a key aspect of ensuring our Partners have the skills needed to match our technology solutions with the needs of their clients.”

To find out more about Eazi-Apps and the way in which Partners are continually developed, please contact the team today.


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