CSI To Grow With Doctor’s Help


Feb 10, 2017

A Milton Keynes-based crime scene technology company is looking at a 50% increase in growth after calling in a Business Doctor to help develop its business strategy.

CSI Equipment Ltd (CSI) is a Buckinghamshire-based business specialising in supporting law enforcement agencies. Providing a large number of specialist crime scene equipment, such as a wireless electrostatic dust lifting device and a footwear database and identification system, the company’s aim is to reduce operating costs of a criminal investigation and help improve criminal detection rates. With 20 years of experience, CSI is a leading provider of services to law enforcement in the UK and now also the export market.

Business Doctor Martin Vessey says: “With major changes in the Government spending for public services, CSI has spent the past few years developing new technologies, investigating and exploring the export market. Bringing all of these ideas together was a huge challenge, which is why they have worked with Business Doctors to develop the CSI business strategy for growth.“Having developed a Strategic Plan, CSI is now implementing a number of the actions in a structured manner, which allows for improved effectiveness and efficiencies in the business processes such as streamlined manufacturing processes, e-procurement resources for online engagement, new product development and packaging solutions. Additionally, pre and post sales and technical resources have been expanded to meet the increased business which they are now enjoying.”

With the vision of greater than 50% increase in growth over the next three year period, CSI is working with Business Doctors to continually review and update its business processes and set targets on all aspects of the business and implement change as necessary. Exporting is a key contributor to growth as are the new technologies and working with UK T&I and the Manufacturing advisory services (MAS) is strengthening existing customer relationships.

CSI Managing Director Grahame Sandling says: “Things are very much on the up for CSI and these are exciting times as we move into the export market. As a small business, busy with day-to-day operations, the assistance of Business Doctors has been invaluable. They have helped us to concentrate on the major issues we need to apply to achieve our aims.”

For more information on this fund please visit http://www.csiequipment.com

For more information please contact:

Lynne Rawlinson
0845 219 7077

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