Discovering All About Mail Boxes Etc


Feb 10, 2017

Mail Boxes Etc is one of the largest retail franchises (excluding the food sector) in the world. It is a worldwide brand with a network of over 1,400 franchisees and it is growing fast. Mail Boxes Etc operates with a one-stop-shop concept for the high street, which offers individuals and businesses alike the chance to access a broad selection of services from a single point. The brand offers a wide range of everyday, high-value support services.

There are 125 stores based in the UK and Ireland alone and the brand is looking to expand further.

What Do Mail Boxes Etc Customers Buy?

Mail Boxes Etc offers a full range of local and global parcel-delivery options, via a choice of well-known delivery carriers, along with print and copy services, expert packing services, design, mailbox rentals and even 'virtual office' packages for businesses and individuals alike. The offer also includes stationery and office supplies, postal services via Royal Mail and support services such as internet access and fax. Each store is designed to serve a local community of individuals and businesses, all under one roof.

What Can Franchisees Look Forward To?

Successful applicants will receive a full start-up package, which covers everything from finding the ideal store location to offering financial advice, as well as providing in-depth training and ongoing business support. Franchisees join a highly successful system and concept with a recognised brand.

The brand is looking for committed, talented and enthusiastic franchisees and is currently encouraging new investors to take over available regions and help to grow the business further.

Do You Want to Find Out More?

The great news is that Mail Boxes Etc offers discovery days, when you can find out more about the franchise. These days are ideal for meeting the franchise team and for finding out everything that you need to know about the opportunity. The great thing about meeting the team directly is that you get a good insight into the team culture and working ethos and get to see the brand in action. This will really bring the information to life and make it 'real' for you. You'll get a chance to hear all about the company's history, have an in-depth knowledge session on Mail Boxes Etc' customers and services and get plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

You will also find out everything you need to know about being a franchisee with the brand. You'll learn about the investment level needed and the amount of working capital necessary. You'll get an insight into what running a Mail Boxes Etc' franchise is really like and hear first-hand from other franchisees. And you'll get a chance to meet the team and get a clear sense of whether the franchise opportunity is the right one for you. If you feel that it is then you'll get the opportunity to look at available franchise areas near you.

The Discovery Days run regularly and are free to attend. You simply need to book online, selecting your ideal date and providing your details to reserve a spot by clicking here for Discovery Day Bookings.