Dec 21, 2017

left to right Prabu Narayana, Jennie Haxton

Splendid Restaurants Colonel (KFC), part of the Splendid Hospitality family, has brought home a double win at the KFC Franchise Awards 2017.

The group, which became a franchise partner of KFC UK & Ireland earlier this year, was awarded for ROCC (quality standards measure) and Newcomer of the Year for Prabu Narayana, Managing Director of Splendid Restaurant Colonel Ltd.

Stuart Bailey, CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group, said: “This is a significant achievement during our first seven months of becoming a franchise partner and is valued recognition of our commitment to the KFC culture.

“Prabu is an excellent ambassador for KFC, from encouraging a robust Training and Development programme, the lifeblood of KFC, through to delivering an excellent customer service.  He has shown that he is well in tune with the brand’s bold vision to be famous in the UK as the best provider of hospitality training and education in the country.”

Graham McGarvie, Franchise Operations Director at KFC UK & Ireland said: “Splendid’s entrepreneurial spirit, proven management capabilities and high levels of commitment to the customer experience, make them an ideal partner to help position KFC for sustainable, long-term growth. Their commitment to growing a highly talented and engaged team also helps drive great experiences for customers across their brands.”