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Feb 10, 2017

Whether you're an experienced professional, senior manager or existing business owner, PPP's business opportunity will appeal to you if you have the desire, motivation and determination to secure your financial future through property investment and essentially, change your lives for the better.
Discover how you can build your own specialist buy-to-let property business and download your copy of 'Successful Property Investing - How to earn £50,000 to £150,000 in two to five years' by Steve Bolton, Founder and Chairman of PPP.

In the book, Steve shares his personal experiences to educate readers on how to achieve your life goals through investing in a robust property strategy.
He tells you how to sidestep the pitfalls, leverage your net worth and build an ethical business through solid relationships. Steve also goes into detail about how setting yourself achievable financial and life goals is key to your success. 
If you're new to property investing, this book will help fast-track your success, and if you already have a portfolio, it will provide an injection of fresh ideas.

About the author
In 2002, after a major setback in his own life, Steve Bolton decided that something needed to change. He realised that he had life ambitions that he was nowhere near to achieving, so he set about putting a life plan together.
The first goal he wrote down was to take three months holiday a year. This would enable him to travel all over the world with his wife and children during all of the school holidays, giving them the opportunity to learn about new cultures, have a varied education and take part in exhilarating activities. 
He knew that to do this, he needed to build a business that would give him both the freedom and right amount of income.
After two years of intense research and training, Steve discovered what the Holy Grail of business was:
  • Profitable and sustainable business growth
  • Underpinned by appreciating assets
  • Structured in a highly tax efficient way
  • Aligned with your professional, personal and life goals
  • Can be operated from anywhere in the world
He came up with a strategy that ticked all of these boxes - letting out shared houses to young professionals and key workers.
The model maximised the number of rooms in a property, rented them as individual units and generated up to three times as much rental income as single-tenancy properties. In addition to that, the properties were finished to a very high standard and so benefited from development profits as well as long-term capital growth.
In the next three years, Steve built a portfolio of 20 more properties worth £6 million. He had achieved what he'd set out to - a substantial lifelong income and pension, a business that required little time, financial security for his family and more time to spend doing what he wanted.
In 2007, Steve founded Platinum Property Partners (PPP), which has today helped more than 220 Partners build their own successful buy-to-let businesses. 

You can download this free book by contacting Platinum Property Partners via the 'request more information' button on their listing