Drinking a coffee under palm trees, with a view of the Persian Gulf – possible at the Coffee-Bike in Qatar


Feb 10, 2017

Taking a break at the Coffee-Bike in Doha is like going on a short holiday. A delicious coffee speciality from the Coffee-Bike, palm trees, sun and a great view across the sea – all you need for a holiday. In the late summer of 2014, Haytham Khairy and Ahmed Kasem became Coffee-Bikers. They carefully selected “The Pearl” in Doha and applied for a space there as one of 400 applicants. Out of this huge number, the Coffee-Bike was chosen, due to its fantastic business concept.

They realised that the rolling coffee bar is something special and created an oasis to relax in the middle of busy retail and entertainment facilities. Due to the good weather they can leave comfortable sofas and chairs outside all day, inviting people to stay for a while. The customers get cared for by an experienced team, which adapts their service to every season. If it´s hot, sunshades are set up. If it gets a bit chilly, scarfs are handed out. Of course, the quality of the coffee stays consistently high at all times. A visit at the Coffee-Bike in Qatar is something worth remembering. Many people do remember and return again, plus they tell friends and family about it. Word-of-mouth is something the Partners really benefit from, as well as the extensive marketing which is carried out by the company. 

The Coffee-Bike has allowed its owners and their team to really set themselves apart from the competition. They offer a “coffee experience”, which stands in contrast to other coffee places in the area, where everything is more focused on how it looks than what´s inside. The Coffee-Bike has a unique, nostalgic design and at the same time offers very good coffee made by trained Baristas, using premium Espresso beans. Besides lovely drinks, customers can also enjoy Croissants, Muffins, Ciabattas and other snacks. See for yourself what you can do with a Coffee-Bike on the “Coffee-Bike Qatar” Facebook page!  Or find more information about Coffee-Bike here