Eazi-Apps Delves Into New and Exciting Territories


Nov 16, 2018

Eazi-Apps has helped launch more than 250 mobile app businesses worldwide...


...since its inception and now boasts a dynamic, international network of partners across 40 countries. The small to medium business sector thrives on finding innovative ways to improve customer engagement and increase revenue - this phenomenon is true in every economic environment in the world. Continuing its commitment to making mobile technology available to business owners, Eazi-Apps has expanded into new territories in recent months, where businesses have started benefitting from the solutions its partners provide.

Central and South America are amongst the new areas where Eazi-Apps has launched mobile app businesses for its partners. These regions are seeing a rise in smartphone usage amongst their population and businesses owners are increasingly aware that their customer base is contactable via their mobile devices before any other media. The Eazi-Apps technology comprises an array of features to help increase revenue for businesses; Merchandise, Food Ordering System, Loyalty Stamping and Push Notifications are some of the functionality choices small businesses can benefit from when having their app developed by an Eazi-Apps network member.

With the rapid increase in smartphone and tablet sales all over the world in diverse economic environments, around 80% of time people spend online is now spent on mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers. Eazi-Apps provides a business-in-a-box solution to help entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom providing apps to businesses who want to reach their customers effectively. With cutting edge technology, world-class training, mentoring and professionally designed marketing platforms and materials, Eazi-Apps is dedicated to launching mobile app businesses worldwide.


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