Eazi-Apps lead the way with App Store submissions


Apr 15, 2019


Publishing mobile applications is an integral part of the Eazi-Apps business model and being an approved developer with Apple brings a high level of responsibility in terms of maintaining the quality of apps submitted for publication.

Apple recently announced changes to the App Store guideline regarding Apple Developer accounts whereby businesses need to publish their app under their own accounts and work closely with their developer. Eazi-Apps have championed this change as it rewards the consultative approach when developing powerful solutions for clients. Eazi-Apps partners have been consulting with their clients on ensuring that each app developed provides significant, tangible benefits to the client and becomes a central component of their marketing mix.

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Apps, commented, “We have been working with our partners and Apple behind the scenes to ensure that the apps being submitted are of the highest quality which benefits clients and the end customer. We welcome this change as it represents a key moment in the advancement of apps being produced across the board. With Apple widely being regarded as the leading store for applications, it is vitally important that our partners can help their clients showcase their business on Apple’s platform”.

As Apple continues to raise the bar for apps being published, Eazi-Apps are set to be at the forefront of delivering quality solutions for end clients both domestically and internationally. To find out more about Eazi-Apps and their dedicated approach to publication, contact the team today.

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