Enjoying Ten Years of Oscar Success


Jan 19, 2018

If ever an OSCAR Pet Food franchise fell into the right hands it had to be those of Steve and Jill Tubbs!


“Ten years ago, our lives were turned upside down when plans to close our shop/filling station and sell the property to redevelop a new business failed to work out,” Steve says, “The sale at least gave us time to consider retirement, and after one year we became restless: too young to give up work, too old to engage in employment.

“That's when circumstances opened the door to franchising and OSCAR, and ten wonderful years of exciting new avenues of opportunity. It all began because we are pet lovers. We owned two dogs at the time and our business heads could not resist an opportunity which clearly matched our ability to deal with the public and an understanding of the retail trade.


“Years of working as a team, and in harmony, helped us to fit nicely into the OSCAR system.

In a business area already used to the benefits of OSCAR pet foods, we've enjoyed continued success. Improving year on year, we have built amazing relationships with happy and satisfied customers, as our expertise develops further via social media.


“Without a doubt OSCAR has changed our lives forever. Adopting   an unwanted chocolate Labrador inspired our enthusiasm to   produce three generations of puppies and gain recognition of the   Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme. Homing the puppies   around the country we had to keep one from each litter, and with   a business that is a shining example of our dogs everything falls   into place as our family of pets grow!”

“Steve says, “OSCAR has allowed us flexibility and choice to control   our own level of income. And after ten years Jill and I have   reached a point where our business runs like clockwork. There are   no bad days – it's a fun business to run and we thoroughly enjoy   shows and events.


“Coming from all walks of life there is no typical OSCAR customer, only pet owners who want to feed a first-class product, which is easy to sell because the pets just love it – helping us to always look forward.”