Finance for your coffee shop or food franchise


Feb 10, 2017

As well as the high street, coffee shops and other food franchises can now be found almost everywhere; from tourist attractions and universities, to railway stations and hospitals. Wherever people meet or have time for a cappuccino you’ll often find their warm, familiar and comforting environment.

Not all lenders will offer favourable rates on financing catering equipment, which can often be specialised and expensive, especially for start-up businesses. This is where a company with decades of experience of arranging finance, such as Franchise Finance, can really help simplify the process. Not all lenders offer a favourable rate, but due to our relationships we can!

When considering your financing arrangements there are many options, including hire purchase, leasing, lease purchase and sale and leaseback.

In addition, lease rental agreements do not impact your other borrowing options or lines of credit and payments can be set against profit, thereby potentially reducing tax bills. It also has the benefit of simplifying your budgeting and financial management. You can generally include multiple items under one monthly payment and synchronise the terms, which helps when the equipment you want comes from multiple sources.

So rather than spending your time trying to negotiate your way through the complex world of equipment financing, contact an expert who will have all the answers and can support you through the process, saving you time and money.