Finding a place in the world through performing arts


Aug 21, 2017

With social media demands and increased pressure at school, it is no wonder that many children are left feeling a little overwhelmed at times. From tots to teens, children are constantly trying to work out their place in the world and to make sense of where and how they fit in.

One of the best ways of doing this is through performing arts, which has been credited in helping to boost confidence, self-esteem and to give youngsters the skills they need to build friendships.

At Razzamataz Theatre Schools, the ethos is to create an environment where every single child can flourish and fulfil their potential. Through this, students can positively impact every part of their lives as testimonials such as the following from Razzamataz Barnet indicate.

“I’m having a proud mummy day but wanted to share it with you as I feel Razzamataz has contributed to it. Last night Gabriella won three achievement awards at her secondary school, two of which were for Dance and Drama. Thank you for expanding my little girl’s mind and confidence. She’s constantly full of ideas for role play and never stops singing and dancing.”

The confidence needed to succeed in every area of life is also something that Razzamataz prides themselves on as a parent from Razzamataz Maidstone explains: “I was so impressed with your latest email which summarised the success you and your team have achieved to bring out the best in our children. My two boys alone would never have had grown in confidence to demonstrate such passion and drive to audition for key roles in productions.”

Classes at Razzamataz cover the three disciplines of dance, drama and acting and through role play and learning, children start to discover that they can push beyond their own boundaries and dream big to achieve their dreams.

“We have a hashtag that we use on much of our social media #BelieveInYou to emphasis that the most important lesson that we can teach the children in our schools is to have self-belief,” explains Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “For a child to succeed in any area of life, they need to combine this with a strong work ethic, the ability to work well with others and a positive attitude. All of these life skills are things that we teach throughout all of our schools, which is why we have such lovely testimonials from parents.”

Whether children are returning to school or starting somewhere new, friendships are a hugely important part of a child’s happiness. Participation in the arts is a wonderful way for every child to learn the social skills needed to develop friendships. From being in an environment with other like-minded young people or using the thrill of being in a show to bond with their classmates, lifelong friendships are often made at Razzamataz.

Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a franchise part-time theatre school business with almost 50 schools up and down the UK. The classes are open to all children from the ages of 2 to 18 and the ethos of creating an environment where every student should have the opportunity to be energetic, to gain confidence and to make friends whilst having lots of fun is evident in all the schools across the UK.

There are several new schools opening this September with more in the pipeline for the following year. Business owners come from a range of backgrounds with a common link being that they all want a business that fits flexibly around their lifestyle. Whether it’s taking the stress out of doing the school runs every day combined with being able to take off all school holidays or working part-time elsewhere the flexibility of running a theatre school with the backing of an experienced franchisor is very appealing.

If you want to find out more about becoming a franchisee owner, make an appointment to come along to one of the regular but informal Discovery Den days in London, Glasgow, Carlisle or Sheffield to find out more about this exciting and flexible business opportunity.