GARRY STEWART Finding a better work-life balance


Feb 10, 2017

When Garry started a family, he needed more flexibility than his job in marketing allowed. By taking on a franchise, he can fit his work in around family life.

‘I still work just as many hours as when I was employed,’ he says, ‘but now I have far more flexibility and enjoy the things that I used to miss out on, like my children’s school plays and sports days.’

Recurring income
He chose the franchise for more than just the flexibility it offers. The potential to build up a recurring income was also a crucial part of his decision. ‘I knew it was a risk to leave behind the safety of a salaried role,’ he says, ‘but one of the reasons that I chose is the business model – it gives me the opportunity to build a healthy residual income.’

Garry had little in the way of technical skills when he joined the franchise, but felt extremely confident after completing his week’s training at head office. ‘I was able to fully appreciate the level of support, knowledge and skills of the people that I would work with,’ he says. ‘They may be a long way from Yorkshire, but the excellent support I continue to receive means distance makes no difference.’

Job satisfaction
It’s been hard work, but Garry’s found the challenge extremely fulfilling. ‘I’ve proved to myself that I can run my own business, win new customers and provide them with an excellent website and level of support. The job satisfaction is far greater than I have experienced with any employed roles.’

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