Globe-trotting businessman comes home with fresh mentoring perspective


Feb 10, 2017

After more than a decade's experience as an SME mentor in New Zealand, IT entrepreneur Nick Hadley is putting his expertise to work for small businesses in Bedford, St Neots and Huntingdon, UK as a Business Doctor.

Working alongside Cambridge Business Doctor Dominic Bowles, Nick is supporting SME growth and building sellability potential in the East Central region.

"I've always loved learning about people's businesses, from how they work to their aspirations," says Nick. "One thing I'm particularly looking forward to is helping people achieve their vision by stepping outside their comfort zones and challenging them to grow.

"Business leadership can be a very lonely experience at times; I've been there, I know what it's like not having the right people to ask for advice, not knowing who I can trust to discuss my ideas with. Joining Business Doctors has given me the opportunity to help local companies overcome these barriers."

Nick has a long history of business leadership and growth. He founded Tricostar, a software company, in 1988. By the time he had sold it in 2004, he had worked on every aspect of the business, from sales and marketing to strategy and project delivery; the company is still thriving and continues to supply and support its bespoke Time & Activity recording system for local government.

Seeking a new challenge, Nick and his wife relocated to New Zealand. Here he bought a struggling digital marketing enterprise and turned it around before selling it; he invested in another software company and a retirement village; and was actively involved in an entrepreneur growth accelerator programme in conjunction with Auckland University.

He also spent a year immersed in a leadership development programme, a privileged experience that has inspired and refocused his commitment to mentoring business development.

"As a remote and independent island, New Zealand's approach to business is entrepreneurial and global," says Nick. "My time abroad has helped me see what is possible and how I can support SMEs to make it happen."

Business Doctors was launched in 2004 by Rod Davies and Matt Levington to provide first class support that adds real value to SMEs.

Rod says: "As Nick's ethos aligns perfectly with ours, it made sense for him to come on board. He's now a fully certified business coach for Bedford, who places the full extent of his skills and experience at local SMEs' disposal. In other words, he doesn't just coach – he gets on the pitch! Local companies will undoubtedly benefit from his wisdom and the unique perspective he's gained from his adventures."

When he's not mentoring, Nick likes sailing, playing music, and spending time with his family; he and his wife have two grown sons, a grandchild, and another on the way.

SMEs interested in Nick's services can request more information from the Business Doctor Listing