Gymophobics concept


Feb 10, 2017

For any woman with an interest in slimming, fitness and good health, the Gymophobics franchise concept is well worth considering.

Established since 2003 there are now some 40 franchises throughout England and Scotland, all of them run by women or in conjunction with their partner. Each franchisee has an exclusive area.

Gymophobics are Ladies-Only Diet & Exercise Centres which provide a one-to – one VIP service to its members who enrol for 12 months and attend by appointment. Gymophobics unique exercise programme called Resisted Tension is based on a 30 minute circuit using ‘Air’ machines which take the work out of the workout, making the programme attractive to non exercisers and the overweight.

Resisted Tension was developed by Gymophobics Founder Donna Hubbard when she was a Personal Trainer. Unlike conventional Gym workouts it integrates Isometric muscle contractions with resistance exercise meaning that less resistance is required to achieve results and it has become the first workout in the UK to be awarded a Trade Mark. Donna received the Fitness Industry’s highest individual award in 2012 for the promotion of fitness in the UK.

Members are more than happy to pay £30 per month for their membership and with very low overheads a typical franchise enrolling between 500 and 1,000 members in its first 12 months becomes a highly profitable business and some Franchisees now operate two or even three Centres.

Diet plays an important part in helping members achieve results and Franchisees and their staff receive training to prescribe Gymophobics highly effective Low Sugar Diet. This, coupled with their unique ‘No Diet Club’ concept which teaches members how to deal with ‘food issues’, means that members achieve impressive inch and weight loss. As a result of this, member referrals ensure an ongoing flow of new memberships.

A Gymophobics franchise costs between £25K and £35k which includes the upfront franchise fee, design and fitting out of the premises and up front training for the Franchisee and her staff. Thereafter, franchisees and staff receive huge ongoing support with regular one day training seminars at their National Training Academy in Stafford, a local web site, Instructor training web site, weekly Newsletters, training Bulletins, regular visits from the training team, etc.

The ongoing monthly fee is just £500 plus VAT.

Gymophobics are seeking business minded women in various parts of the UK to join them in a major expansion. Applicants should be passionate about helping women who are desperate to achieve weight and inch loss but who would find a conventional gym intimidating.