In Pardubice, Czech Republic, the Coffee-Bike provides a great second source of income


Feb 10, 2017

Mr Jasek and Mr Talacko are actually full-time soldiers in the Czech army, but they also have a passion for coffee. They manage to get the best out of both worlds and are very happy with it.

Having found out that the Coffee-Bike is already present in a wide range of cities within Germany as well as internationally, they thought: Coffee is very popular in the Czech Republic, why shouldn't we also have a Coffee-Bike here? Moreover, the flexibility of the mobile tricycle is a great benefit. It allows them to operate their Coffee-Bike whenever they want. If they have duties as soldiers, they can store their Coffee-Bike without having any operating costs while they are not using it. 

On the weekends our Franchise Partners can choose to go to concerts, events, or whatever they prefer. During the week they have found a profitable spot in Pardubice. In this part of the city there is some construction work going on and people used to avoid the surroundings of the site. Now that there are cheerful Coffee-Bikers selling delicious coffee specialities, more people are visiting the area, a group of regular customers has developed and new customers also stop by very frequently. The two friends know that they are selling very good coffee and like telling their customers about their Espresso beans and about other interesting coffee facts. They get served treats like the “Almond Latte” for lunch, after work, during a shopping break,…If you happen to wander around Pardubice at any point in the future, why don't you stop by the two guys at the Bike for a coffee.