“It was the right business opportunity to help me to achieve my personal and business goals!”


Feb 10, 2017

In March this year, Nick Rennison, who lives near Sheffield, joined Tim Latham’s existing Auditel business, mainly in the Midlands and Yorkshire areas. Nick’s background was in Project Management. He is a practitioner of PRINCE2, the widely recognised project management award, which embodies established and proven best practice.

Nick’s previous career embraced successful changes in organisations involving marine engineering, insurance, motor finance, manufacturing  and banking. He had also worked with RAC plc / Auto Windscreens Ltd for six years, where he delivered huge savings. Nick was keen to join Tim’s practice. He knew that it had a proven business model suited to his skill set. “It was the right business opportunity to help me to achieve my personal and business goals.”

Asked about the training, Nick said: “Fantastic. I enjoyed it and learned so much.  It was incredibly helpful and really appreciated. Thank you all! 

Nick said that his background as an experienced Project Manager runs parallel to that of the work of Auditel. “Alongside senior management, I led projects in Operations, IT, Customer Services, Contact Centres and Financial Services, through every area of cost management, to deliver benefits and improve the bottom line.”

Sheffield-based Tim Latham joined Auditel in June 2009 and recently renewed his 5-year Franchise Agreement. His background includes a BSc in Management Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Tim recalls: “Before becoming an Auditel Consultant, I worked for various automotive manufacturers in a number of key executive roles. This gave me a broad range of management experience and an in-depth knowledge of how to identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions for organisations. Just as importantly, it also gave me a deep understanding of the value of successfully delivering and implementing those solutions to ensure that their benefits were realised.

“Since becoming an Auditel consultant, I have built on these experiences to deliver significant savings and valuable management resource to businesses in various areas and sectors. These included fixed and mobile telecommunications and energy and covered manufacturing, IT solutions and data management.”

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s UK and Ireland’s Network Development Director, comments: “We have over 30 similar partnerships to that of Tim and Nick’s, in the Auditel network. Some work from home, as do many of our Affiliates, while others have taken offices and engaged employees. There are many opportunities now available for owning an Auditel business. It also includes different methods of payment from a share of the savings, to retainers, daily rates or fixed fees.

“Recently, The Institute of Financial Accountants, one of Auditel’s clients, reported: ‘The industry knowledge Auditel has is excellent and has led to opportunities being identified for solutions that previously without your assistance, we could not have considered. I hope that we will be able to increase awareness of Auditel among our members as I believe your service could be very beneficial to them, as well as to their clients in the future’.

“If you are seeking a career change and the chance to build a scalable business, come to one of our free Discovery Seminars. You can meet our friendly Franchise Support Team and ask as many questions as you like. Discover for yourself if Auditel is the right business opportunity for you. We shall be pleased to meet you!”

About Auditel: Established in 1994, Auditel is the UK and Ireland’s favourite cost management franchise opportunity with over 200 franchisees. Auditel Affiliates renew their franchises after 5, 10 and now 15 years due to consistently achieving their financial goals and quality of life. In 2012, Auditel was the Winner of the bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Award for Outstanding Franchisee Support and Finalists over the last 5 years in the Franchise Marketing Awards for Best Marketing Support and Best Website..