Local Appliance Rentals UK held its 2nd annual conference in July and awarded 3 star performers.


Feb 10, 2017

2016 Annual Conference Awards

Various staff including the International Sales Director, Sacha Caller flew over from Australia to host the event which saw a strong increase in number of franchisees and some impressive growth stories. 

There were 30 franchisees in attendance for July 2016, well up on the 12 franchisees the same time in 2015. Currently LAR is closer to 40 franchisees with a target in mind for 50 by year end 2016.

And the awards go to:

1.       New Franchisee of the Year:  Birkenhead, Adam Green

2.       Best Arrears Award:  Taunton, Kevin O’Neill

3.       Franchisee of the Year 2016:  Stoke-on-Trent, Andy & Phil


UK Franchise Sales Manager and Franchisee for Wolverhampton, Byron Hill comments, “Well done to all 30+ of our franchisees as it has been a combined effort which has now put us on the map as a very attractive franchise opportunity for easy growth.  Without them we wouldn’t have the great success story we do.”

Our Birkenhead franchisee came from another franchise and is on track to surpass the Stoke franchisees book value in the same period as a single operator which is extraordinary.

Taunton has demonstrated excellent rapport with his customers and excellent organisation which has led to his arrears being kept to around 2-3%. He has also lead the way in a town where he was concerned there could be too many retirees and not enough renters proving our model works well all over.  

Our Stoke franchisees exploded out of the starting blocks in May 2015 and have not looked back between 2 guys.  It has been their tremendous work ethic and again personality that has not only won them record breaking business and growth but has also fundamentally contributed towards their low arrears of 2-5%.

The early success of these franchisees (and many others to be fair) has created a focal point for us to direct new franchisees toward to look at their example and show that others can also achieve such excellent results with hard work and commitment.  

We have a great business with high demand, but it is great people who make a great company.