Feb 10, 2017

Magical Maths, the UK's best maths tuition provider dedicated to making learning fun, has been expanding their franchise at a truly astonishing rate. 

46 Magical Maths territories are now up and running from as far north as Liverpool and Manchester, and as far south as Plymouth and the Isle of Wight, elevating Magical Maths to one of the fastest growing franchises of 2014.

Having launched as a national franchise in February 2014, Magical Maths are relatively new in the franchise world, but they're certainly making their mark.

"I've been running the Magical Maths business for over three years", says owner Colin Bradford, "but it's been unbelievable to see how the public has responded to our national franchise launch."

"We've been snowed under with applicants and have been in the enviable position of being able to select the ‘best of the best' to join us as franchisees".

At the current rate, it's expected that Magical Maths will reach 100 franchise territories in just a few months - at which point they will have covered most of the UK.

But it's not just the growth of the franchise network that's going well for Magical Maths - their new franchisees are also enjoying massive success.

"The September 2014 school term has already been huge for many franchisees", says owner and founder, Colin Bradford. "In fact, our recent franchisees in London and Essex have had to stop accepting new students thanks to being fully booked for the September 2014 school term already".

Exciting times are ahead for the Magical Maths business, but ones thing's for certain - anyone looking to become a Magical Maths franchisee will need to act very quickly."