Maid2Clean Sweeps to the Top


Feb 10, 2017

A leading cleaning franchise is celebrating this month after becoming the biggest provider of employment for domestic cleaning professionals in the UK. The well-known franchise Maid2Clean is already the UK's leading cleaning franchise for the domestic market and it now employs a sparkling army of over 13,000 cleaning staff across the country, eclipsing both its sector rivals and also business giants, including Shell UK.

Maid2Clean's owner, Mike Hanrahan, said that he was delighted with the news, which marked a significant milestone for the franchise. He explained that he was particularly delighted to see the franchise doing so well in the tough economic climate and felt incredibly proud that Maid2Clean was providing thousands of valuable jobs across the UK.

Mike explained that the franchise was now looking ahead and focusing on its growth strategy. It's gearing up for a second exciting decade and looking at building its presence in both the UK and international markets.

Certainly, the Maid2Clean success story has been incredible and inspiring for the franchising industry. In less than ten years, the franchise has grown to become a major presence in the industry. Built up by the visionary entrepreneur Mike Hanrahan, the franchise used a 'sweep left' model of franchising to ensure that his network of 108 franchisees all had broad opportunities to create a successful business.

This 'sweet to the left' school of thought focuses primarily on keeping overheads low within all areas of the business. This benefit then flows to the franchisee network, enabling them to offer a lower-cost service to the burgeoning domestic cleaning market. As a result, franchisees enjoy more attractive rewards in return for their efforts.

Mike Hanrahan has often stated that he finds the sight of other entrepreneurs working hard and reaping the rewards of the franchise one of the most satisfying parts of the Maid2Clean business. He also pointed to the intrinsic rewards of making a genuine difference to people's everyday lives through the provision of flexible and high-quality work and he feels that these attributes lie at the heart of Maid2Clean's success.

The company is also a pioneer in other areas too, such as developing online resources and it has a growing presence in Ireland, Australia and Canada.

At FranchiseExpo, we have followed the Maid2Clean success story with real enjoyment and believe that it genuinely is a leading light in the franchise industry, offering real inspiration to the thousands of potential franchisees who are considering taking their first steps into self-employment.