Mail Boxes Etc. Renews its Master Licence


Feb 10, 2017

Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) Ltd is celebrating the recent renewal of its master licence for the UK and Ireland after two decades of sustained growth. The franchise is looking to the future with confidence.

Unique in UK franchising with its network of “one-stop” High Street stores, Mail Boxes Etc. offers a wide and comprehensive range of services to businesses and local communities. Its first British store opened in Marylebone, London, 21 years ago and today there are 130 stores across the UK and Ireland.

Announcing the master licence renewal, Michael Hawkins, sales and marketing director, commented: “We are delighted with our recent results: opening more stores and improving revenue, expanding through effort on everyone’s part and demonstrating that we are a cohesive team. We strongly believe there is potential for really significant growth in the future and are committed to further development in the UK. ”

Interest in the franchise and recruitment of new franchisees were at record highs last year. Mail Boxes Etc. appeals to aspiring young business people in the UK’s larger towns and cities, with a concentration of multiple store-owning franchisees in London. More than a quarter of UK stores are owned by franchisees who have more than one store.

“With the changing face of the High Street, our historic store model may need to change too,” Michael Hawkins said. “Whilst High Streets remain the most favoured positions, looking to the future, we are considering other types of location. For example, the first university campus store opened last year and has been very successful, encouraging us to look at other campus sites and university towns,” he added.

Mail Boxes Etc. continues its recruitment drive for new franchisees. It is seeking bright, energetic and enthusiastic people to join the network and help to meet an ever increasing demand for its wide and diverse range of business services and products.

Franchisees come from many different backgrounds and former careers and no previous experience is required. The training and support package covers everything new franchisees need to know, including all aspects of running a small business, from sales and marketing and man-management to practical aspects, such as book-keeping.