Metal Supermarkets – truly a family affair!


Feb 10, 2017

Anthony and Christine Broadfoot are the proud owners of a new Metal Supermarkets franchise territory and have begun the search for the new retail location. This spring, Metal Supermarkets will begin providing area businesses and consumers with superior customer service and the highest quality metal products available. Customers can buy any size or type of metal they need, quickly and easily, and with no minimum order requirement.

“We are pleased and excited to expand the company’s footprint and look forward to working with the Broadfoots to further expand the Metal Supermarkets brand,” says Stephen Schober, Metal Supermarkets President and CEO. “With so much industry in the area, the store is in a great position to thrive.”

Tired of the corporate telecommunications industry, Anthony Broadfoot wanted change. He was frustrated by constant travel and continued job changes every couple of years due to industry fluctuation. He was looking for a rock-solid, stable business that he and his wife could operate and enjoy. With a background in manufacturing, engineering and business management, they believe the Metal Supermarkets system is the best fit for them.

“We were tired of constantly being on the move whether it be travelling or shifting jobs because of company changes, so we wanted to be part of a franchise that provides a solid, proven and scale-able business,” says Anthony Broadfoot, co-owner of this new Metal Supermarkets franchise. “We are excited to be able to work and build a business together.”