Feb 10, 2017

Right at Home, a global leader in the home care market with over 400 local offices world-wide, has welcomed a report published by the Ready For Ageing Alliance calling on the Government to act now to prevent a huge gap in care for the elderly over the next twenty years.

The report, entitled ‘Getting ready For Ageing’, says that by 2030 there will be 100% more people aged over 85 in the UK, and 51% more aged 65 and over. And it warns that this dramatic change in the UK’s demographic is not being catered for currently.

The report sets out detailed recommendations for public policy covering housing, health and social care, the economy and communities and states a lot more has to be done now to respond to the challenges and opportunities that longevity brings.

Ken Deary, UK managing director of Right at Home, comments: “We completely agree with this report that more provision needs to be put in place now to help ensure that the UK’s ageing population is properly looked after in the years ahead. It’s a fact that our demography is changing significantly and quickly, so it is imperative that this is not ignored. Action is needed now to ensure there is not a huge provision gap in the market.  This means there will be substantial demand for high quality care at home services.”

The Ready For Ageing Alliance is made up of representatives from specialist organisations including Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, Anchor and Carers UK.