New etyres Leicester Franchise Owner is driven by ambition


Feb 10, 2017

etyres is delighted to announce the launch of its latest branch as Sukhbinder Singh gets his etyres Leicester franchise up and running after completing an extensive training programme.

“I didn’t have any experience in the motoring industry or running my own business, “ Sukhi explained, “but etyres have made the whole start up process run extremely smoothly and my training has been really comprehensive.  Now I just can’t wait to get on the road!”

Sukhi decided to invest in an etyres franchise after realising that his hectic career in customer services and sales was not delivering the rewards his efforts deserved.

“I really enjoy working hard, building a rapport with customers and getting the job done,” Sukhi, 34, continued, “but I was doing all these things to line someone else’s pocket, at the expense of my family. 

“I decided I wanted to run my own business, so not only could I reap the rewards of my hard work, but I could also enjoy a bit of flexibility in my working life and spend some quality time with my wife and two little girls.”

Sukhi decided to invest in a franchise so he could hit the ground running with a business model that was already tried-and-tested, with a proven track record for success.

“I started to think about what people buy, what they have to buy and what they can’t live without and thought it boiled down to “food, homes and cars”,” he continued. “The first two didn’t appeal to me, but I could see the fantastic potential in the cars, and particularly tyres, because people will always need them, even during a tough recession.

“Once I had narrowed it down this far, choosing etyres was easy, in fact it really stood out, because I had recently needed new tyres for my own car and being hard pushed to find the time to go to a garage and get them fitted.  I had actually thought how brilliant it would be to have someone come to me and fit my tyres!

“Unfortunately, as often happens when you realise you need new tyres, you need them immediately, so even as I started to find out more about an etyres franchise I couldn’t wait to have my tyres fitted and ended up wasting a couple of hours in a garage anyway.  Never again though!

“Now I am looking forward to using the skills I have developed working in customer services and sales to build my business and raise brand awareness of etyres in Leicester.”

For more information on starting your own etyres franchise click here or call the franchise recruitment team on 01223 633 777.