New Micro Creation Station Franchise launches to support people who want a rewarding, flexible and fun business.


Feb 10, 2017

With a 15% increase in people running their own business since 2009, more people are choosing to gain the flexibility  they want and take control of their  work and family time commitments. 
That’s why The Creation Station has developed a new micro franchise  providing flexibility  and choice for people who want to run their own Creation Station franchise and achieve the success and flexibility they want.

The difference in the micro franchise compared to the other Creation Station franchises, is the size of the exclusive territory and the option to provide the core services, or to upgrade to deliver the enhanced package which include Create Clubs.

So if you have small children to look after you may be looking for steady growth of your  franchise, so the core package might suit you best. If however you are ambitious and are looking to grow a successful business and replace a full time salary, the the enhanced  package may be the better option for you.

Here is an overview of the two options; 
The core Creation Station micro franchise package provides  weekly art and craft classes, parties and events and starts all in at only £5,500 plus  vat - this includes a whopping £2000 worth of materials and tools to help you  launch and grow your business at a rate that suits you. 

The enhanced Creation Station micro franchise package includes the weekly classes, parties, events and also includes  after school and holiday clubs and starts at £8,500 plus vat - this includes £3000 worth of materials and tools  to help  you provide your inspiring and fun activities.

If you want flexibility and a business that can grow as you do, request your free info pack  or call 01395 233022. It could be just the opportunity you are looking for.