Opportunity to join Dragons’ Den backed business in Bristol


Feb 10, 2017

Ten years ago, a part time theatre school appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and the fortunes of the business dramatically changed after an investment from Duncan Bannatyne.

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Since the Den, the franchise business has gone from strength to strength, boasting high profile partnerships and almost 50 schools up and down the country.

Now there is a rare opportunity to purchase one of the flagship schools located in Bristol. Razzamataz Bristol, which launched in 2012, is a vibrant part time performing arts school with more than 100 students.

Principals Ross Brown, who is an experienced drama and English teacher and James Murden, a presenter on QVC have made a huge impact in the local community with their red carpet events among other activities. Due to personal reasons, they are now looking to sell to an individual or partnership.

“This is a fantastic business opportunity for someone with the passion and time to grow the school even more than we have,” says Ross. “Our commitments outside of Razzamataz have now increased so it is with regret that we have decided to sell because we no longer have the capacity to dedicate to the school and grow it to its full potential.”

Razzamataz Bristol is already one of the flagship schools within the Razzamataz network but there are still exciting opportunities for growth. “The potential for expansion and utilisation of other avenues of revenue is substantial,” says James. “The students, staff and parents are all incredibly supportive and although we will miss everyone, we know that we have created a really exciting business opportunity and the school will continue to flourish in the right pair of hands.”

Buying a franchise business is popular with a diverse group of people but for some, the security of buying an existing franchise business is even more appealing. Chloe Lee, age 23, recently bought one of the existing schools, Razzamataz Chester. “Being part of a franchise has the advantage of people already knowing the name and the brand,” explains Chloe. “Wherever I go and I mention Razzamataz, generally people have at least heard of it. Whereas if I were to set up a small business on my own, the public wouldn't know the brand and probably wouldn't have the same level of loyalty and trust in the company as they do with a well known brand like Razzamataz.”

When the chance arose to buy Razzamataz Chester, where Chloe was working as a teacher, it was too good an opportunity to turn down. “Buying an established business has its advantages that you’re not starting from scratch,” she says. “The aim is always to grow as a business, but the ground work has already been put in and it’s simply a case of expanding on where the last Principal left off.”

Whether you are buying a new or existing business, the level of information that is available at training is extremely detailed so even if you have had no experience before, you are given all the tools that you need to succeed. But this is just the start. Throughout your Razzamataz journey, you will be given regular training and support plus access to many industry experts from social media gurus through to working with the NSPCC to ensure that safeguarding students is a top priority.

James and Ross believe that part of the success of Razzamataz Bristol is down to being part of a franchise network as Ross explains: “Although you have the creativity to run your own business, you have the resources of a highly successful organisation right at your fingertips. The includes high level partnerships with the likes of Disneyland Paris, Eurocamp, The Stage and Her Majesty’s Theatre.”  

To enquire more about becoming the new owner at Razzamataz Bristol, contact Hannah 

About Razzamataz

Razzamataz Theatre Schools has been trading since 2000 with a strong, robust and proven franchise system for the last 11 years. Razzamataz remains one of the top five classic entrepreneurs from Dragons’ Den. Since the appearance on the BBC show in 2007, the company has forged strong partnerships with First Choice, Disney, The Stage, a leading Talent Agency, Her Majesty’s Theatre and new for 2017 Eurocamp.

Franchisees come from a range of backgrounds and are able to work flexibly around their lifestyles. Through a wide range of additional revenue streams, franchisees have been able to achieve a six-figure turnover. Razzamataz is delighted to be working with a new Business Management System for 2017.