Our Franchise Partner of the year 2014 loves working on the American Air Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany


Feb 10, 2017

She sold the most coffee specialities of all our partners last year – Gabriele Blunk. Having grown up in Kaiserslautern where an American Air Base is located, she knew that this would be the ideal location for her Coffee-Bike. Ironically, the Americans actually brought the “to-go” principle to Europe!

After 20 years of working in an office, Mrs. Blunk became independent in 2013. Not tied to the 9-5 routine anymore, she could suddenly decide for herself when and where she wanted to work. She just turns on the coffee machine and the “grind on demand” mill in the morning and she is immediately ready to go. On top of that, she can always rely on the Coffee-Bike team at her side, who provides ongoing support and is available to answer questions 24 hours a day. 

The aspect she likes the most about her work is the conversation with the customers and the familiarity that has developed over time where she works. The people really value the high-quality coffee and continue to give positive feedback. Because the demand for delicious coffee specialities is so high, Mrs. Blunk even has a few employees to support her. They also know that besides creating coffee treats with very high quality, the customer service is an integral element of success. “I love working at the Bike!” says Gabriele Blunk and the customers can feel this motivation when they get handed over their “Caramel-Choc-Latte”. This is the most popular product at the Army Base by the way. Of course all-time favourites like Latte Macchiato or Cookies are frequently ordered, too. Moreover Coffee-Bike also gives their Partners the freedom to be creative for special occasions – Mrs. Blunk’s Latte Macchiato with pumpkin syrup was a highlight around Halloween time.