Parent offer financial support to etyres newest Franchise Owner to secure his future


Feb 10, 2017

Car enthusiast Michael Hendy is the newest etyres Franchise Owner to seize the opportunity to launch his own branch after receiving full support and financial backing from his parents.

etyres, the number one online mobile tyre fitting company, has a strong reputation for providing a reliable vehicle for parents to invest in and give their children a head start in an exciting new career.

After working in the tyre industry for more than two years, 21-year-old Michael knew it was a career he was keen to pursue and had ambitions to launch his own business.  He identified the fact that there were already a lot of little garages in his area, so recognised he needed something which would make him stand out from the crowd.

“I Googled ‘mobile tyre fitting’ and etyres came up.  I liked the look of the website and I could see straight away that this was a business that would work in our area.  I also realised that there were so many advantages to being part of a franchise, from the fact that you have a trusted name to trade under to guaranteed orders from the start.”

After discussing his proposal with his parents, Marlene and Stephen, they agreed to back his decision to launch etyres Loughborough financially.  Of course, with this opportunity comes tremendous responsibility for Michael, along with the obligation to make the business a financial success. 

“There is a lot riding on this for all the family and I know that I have to put a lot of hard work into making it work.  But I have been given an opportunity not many lads my age get and I am determined to prove they did the right thing.”

Parents who want to help their children make a success are increasingly looking to the franchise industry to provide exciting opportunities. 

Many regard a business as a more prudent investment in their child’s future than university or further education, because it provides an instant career with great prospects.

Franchising offers a complete package for bright young people who have a strong work ethic and ambition, but initially lack many of the skills needed to launch and run a business. A good franchise offers a triedand-tested formula, training, marketing, branding and on-going support – all crucial to those new to business. etyres has welcomed many young Franchise Owners who have benefited from the financial support of their

parents to its network.  To find out more about an etyres franchise click here to request an information pack.