People who become Franchisees because they like the product (and other miracle stories!)


Feb 10, 2017

Husse is a home delivery, super premium quality pet food delivery franchise. Among other things, we pride ourselves on our ingredient quality.

The CEO of the founding company which owns the Husse Brand, Tom Eliasson, gives our food designers a broad sweep in carefully selecting those ingredients which best match his brand specifications. The Swedish recipe replaces those chemicals which other manufacturers use with nature's own additives. Our foods are designed to treat (not just feed) the animals.

So Husse pet food includes such wondrous natural additives as African Marigolds, white grape seed extract, sea algae, New Zealand green-lipped mussels, salmon oil etc. Each one is included in order to treat organs in the body, preventing blindness, improving heart condition, delaying arthritic onset, cell protection, skin and coat enhancement and so on. This produces not just a fit, well-fed pet, but one which is going to have a greatly reduced chance of illness and, an increased healthy lifespan.

So, then you get a pet food buyer so impressed by the fact that her aging, arthritic Labrador can now bounce around again, instead of lolling in front of the fire, that she has to buy the Franchise!  And all she did was change the food!

That's a very solid reinforcement of your product quality.